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~Just wanted to let you know that Dave and I , and my parents, were so happy with how the pictures came out. You guys did such a great job taking pictures that were thoughtful and original and we've enjoyed looking at them ever since! Thanks again for all of your hard work. The pictures are beautiful! Take care, Jane and Dave

~JC was the photographer for my wedding in late October. We couldn't have been more satisfied with our results. JC was extremely professional, courteous, and creative. The pictures turned out beautifully, and everyone has complimented us on them. If we had to do it all over, we would definitely choose JC as our photographer!

~ Brian and I wanted to take the time to thank you for all of the wonderful photographs you took at our wedding. It is very unusual, yet fortunate to have your wedding photographer with you throughout your entire wedding day. Starting with the 9am hair appt, to the bride's home, to the church (prior to the ceremony), throughout the ceremony, onto a photo destination, then to the reception. Knowing that you were there throughout the day allowed for us to enjoy our day to the fullest. We knew that if we missed a moment, you were there to capture it on camera. Which is exactly what you did!

JC we LOVE all of our wedding photos, especially the candid shots of our nieces and nephews. Your creativity and 'eagle' eye allowed for some very unique shots. Our families have already held two events where guests were invited to look through the photos. I never thought I would guest at a 'Picture Party'. J.C we will highly recommend you to all our friends and family. Fortunately for you, your photos sell themselves. Thank you again and again. You captured all the TRUE COLORS of our wedding day. All our Best, Sarah and Brian

~ I hardly realized that you were taking pictures at our wedding and at the events leading up to it. Occasionally I would see you snap a few photos, but that would be all. When we returned from our honeymoon, we received an album. I cried when I opened the package and began looking through the pictures. You managed to not only capture, but immortalize the day. You took shots of everything we missed, and because you are so personable and friendly, everyone enjoyed having their picture taken by you. Thank you so much! Nina and Joe

~ Your style of photography is more an art-form than a snapshot. The way you capture every moment is really amazing – whether it's a silly candid, a formal portrait, or the decor of the reception hall, you get it all. One of your greatest talents is your attention to detail with every shot – the little trivial things that you thought nobody would notice make it much more special when you see them in photos.

~ Hey JC, Just wanted to let you know that when I asked you to catch some moments of me getting ready and for you to take candids at the wedding I never thought I would love them so much. You did such a great job capturing the mood in each picture that they tell a story all on their own. The pictures were so awesome and the way you put together the album was even more breathtaking! They really show how special the day was for us. Thanks again JC! Your pictures are something we will cherish forever!

~ You captured every special moment of our wedding day. When Matt and I look back at our wedding day pictures we are reminded of the magic that took place that day. We thank you for allowing us to re-live the most memorable day of our lives through our photographs. Not only are you talented with the camera, you also have a gift with people. You have exceeded our wedding day expectations!

~ J.C., Tim and I were so excited with your photos of the wedding. You have and artistic eye for the unusual candid shots. One hardly knows you're even taking pictures when taking candids. You must have a very sharp lens because the quality is superior. You will be so completely booked with weddings and other occasions I hope you will remember one of your first gigs. Thank you so much for being so easy to deal with. Best wishes in your photography career, you're the BEST! Tim and Jane (parents of the Groom)