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What's in a name?

J.C. stands for Jacqueline Cullinan. I proudly bear the names of both of my amazing grandmothers.

Do you love being an associate for Robert Norman Photography?

Yes, I am so happy to have joined Robert Norman Photography a few years ago. Robert and I have been great friends for more years than I can count.  After running our own photography businesses in Trumbull for 10+ years, we were hanging out together one day and thought we could really make a great team if we joined forces. It has been awesome and now our clients get the best of both of us!  

What type of equipment do you use?

I am a Nikon girl. My gear bag is chock-full of professional Nikon digital equipment. I come to each wedding prepared with back up bodies, lenses, batteries and lights. Come to think of it, I actually have back ups for my back ups.

When will we see the pictures?

Each hand-edited image will be available for viewing within 5 weeks of your wedding day. We are averaging two weeks at the moment.

How many images will we receive?

This will vary from wedding to wedding based on size, length and magnitude. Typically we will deliver around 100 images per hour of coverage. Image amounts will be agreed upon in the contract.

Do we keep the negatives?

Yes! You will receive unlimited personal use rights to the digital files. These high resolution jpeg files will be given to you on a super cool thumb drive. You are welcome to make prints from this drive for yourselves, family and friends. We do retain the right to use the images we create in future promotions and advertising.

What do you think about the photographer shot lists found in magazines and online?

Having photographed weddings for over a decade, I have a pretty good grasp on all the moments that are super important to capture. So throw away those magazine checklists – I've got you covered – and simply send me any moments or groupings that I might not anticipate. For example, if you find it important to have a picture of you with your 8 th grade teacher who flew in from Italy, definitely let me know and I will try my best to make it happen.

Do you have insurance?

We sure do! We are happy to provide your venue with a certificate of insurance if they would like one.

Have camera – Will travel!

I live in Fairfield County, Connecticut and thus shoot a ton of events in Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. While I love New England, I am very happy to travel, especially to my sweet home of Chicago! Venues within 100 miles of Fairfield are covered in all packages. If your wedding is farther away, lets talk! I always welcome destination weddings!

Let's talk money:

Oh my favorite part of the job – said with heavy sarcasm.

I know this is not what you want to hear but here goes…please contact me for pricing and availability details. I ask this because each wedding is unique. Some are out of the country, some are small and simple, others are extravagant and wild – weddings are not equal so my pricing should reflect that.

However, we have developed a few packages for our most common wedding day scenarios loosely based on how many hours of coverage you are interested in. To give you a rough idea, packages start around $2500, average around $3800 and can reach upwards of $4900 with all the bells and whistles. Because each wedding is unique, we are happy to create custom packages for our clients. Shoot us an email at or call me at 203-243-7424 and I'll be happy to give you all the details.

How and when do we show you the money?

We start with $500 to retain your date. The remaining balance is divided in two with the first installment due halfway between your booking date and the wedding date. The second installment is due one month prior to the big day.

You may pay with check or credit card. If you do want to use a card, please let me know before I put together your proposal so I can attach the appropriate info to the contract.

We are in! Now how do we seal the deal?

Simply send an email to or call 203-243-7424. I am always available and happy to discuss your wedding plans. When we talk I can walk you through our simple online booking process.

I am so excited you found me and I would be honored to be a part of your day. I look forward to your call!