It is our preschoolers turn today! ┬áBea started 4 year old school and wanted me to take pictures of her on her first day “just like Maggie did.”

(She is still so little so no black and white yet.)

first last day of 4s_003Her finger is not about what grade she is in – it is her telling me what to do.
first last day of 4s_004first last day of 4s_005first last day of 4s_002first last day of 4s_006Bea is not exactly camera shy…but she did turn a little nervous when I told her it was time to get in the car to go to school.first last day of 4s_007first last day of 4s_008

When I picked her up after school she got in the car and screamed “Mom, my first day of school was AWESOME!” ┬áLove this kid.

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