Here are a few pics from Bea’s Birthday Brunch.

Somewhere in between present 3 and 6, Bea disappeared and Batgirl arrived complete with Bat-Cave and Bat-Phone.

As soon as everyone put on their bathing suits, Bea was back on the scene ready to play with Maggie on the dock.

Maggie made Bea a sign.  It says, “Welcome to Bea’s Birthday Brunch.  3 B’s, Bea’s 3”  Pretty clever kid.

Batgirl just did not want to miss a thing so she came back after cake.  Seems the balloons give her super powers or something cause she just could not get away from them.Love these two little girls with all my heart.  I hope one day you will know into the marrow of your bones how much joy, happiness and love you have brought into my life and how beautifully amazing I think you both are!  

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  1. Robin Dini
    10 years ago

    Love this! What a sweet little lady!

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