~ preschool ~

It is our preschoolers turn today!  Bea started 4 year old school and wanted me to take pictures of her on her first day “just like Maggie did.”

(She is still so little so no black and white yet.)

first last day of 4s_003Her finger is not about what grade she is in – it is her telling me what to do.
first last day of 4s_004first last day of 4s_005first last day of 4s_002first last day of 4s_006Bea is not exactly camera shy…but she did turn a little nervous when I told her it was time to get in the car to go to school.first last day of 4s_007first last day of 4s_008

When I picked her up after school she got in the car and screamed “Mom, my first day of school was AWESOME!”  Love this kid.

~ 4th Grade ~

I thought I would try something a little different this year.

We have an independent 4th grader in our midst so I decided I would try not to make her pose for me.  Here is a snippet of Maggie getting ready for her first day of school.

first last day of 4th grade_0007first last day of 4th grade_0008first last day of 4th grade_0016first last day of 4th grade_0009first last day of 4th grade_0010first last day of 4th grade_0012Well, I tried.  Just too hard to resist when we have pics of her sitting on the steps every year.first last day of 4th grade_0019

Bea joined in for a few and Nini came to see Maggie off too!first last day of 4th grade_0020At the last minute, Maggie decided she didn’t want her collection of keychains on her backpack. first last day of 4th grade_0022

Bus hug:)first last day of 4th grade_0014first last day of 4th grade_0015first last day of 4th grade_0013

Art Deco Wedding at Ashintully Gardens in the Birkshires

I had the pleasure of photographing Paul and Lauren’s art deco wedding at Ashintully Gardens in Tyringham, MA.  To say it was spectacular would be the understatement of the year.

Let’s begin with these amazing shoes!  There are not only the coolest shoes I’ve seen at a wedding but there is a great story behind them too!  Lauren bought these on an Ebay store and it turns out the store was her coworker’s daughter’s store!  The daughter is a friend of Paul’s and now Lauren’s.  Of all the Ebay stores in all the world…


Meet the gorgeous, unique and vivacious Lauren.

Lauren prepared for the day in a cute little house on the premises.  It was fun that the room had an old radio and bust of a head to hold the veil.  Don’t you just love Lauren’s Marcel Waves 1920’s hairstyle!!


Her mom and dad were adorable as they watched their daughter get ready.  Everyone was super excited when the sun came out as it had been a very dreary wet morning.


Meet Paul – he was such a pleasure to photograph.  I love how he could not take his eyes off Lauren all day.


Their ceremony and reception were outside on this beautiful hilltop.


After a few pics on the hill, Lauren, Paul and their Maid of Honor and Best Man hiked through a forest and up a huge muddy hill to get to these old columns.  This was not a simple task and I was sure they were not going to go up because the path was pretty steep and really muddy from the earlier rain.  Add to it that the Best Man had just had back surgery!  But they knew how cool the pics could be and made the trek!  I was beyond ecstatic!!

 (A brief history of the place: On a hill overlooking the southern end of Tyringham Valley, a landowner built between 1910 – 1912 a white, Georgian-style mansion which came to be known as the Marble Palace. The mansion’s main façade featured four Doric columns and was spanned by thirteen bay windows. Its interior contained thirty-five rooms, ten baths, and fifteen fireplaces. Though the Marble Palace was destroyed by fire in 1952, the front terrace, foundation, and four Doric columns remain today.)


Paul’s best man gave a great toast.  Love this series of images.


Time for a little dancing!


How about an outfit change?  Loved this shorts outfit.


Thank you Lauren and Paul for asking me to document your wedding day.  It is one that I will always remember.

Liz and Todd’s Wedding @ The Heritage Hotel

I had a blast documenting Liz and Todd’s wedding day!  I had been up most of the night before thinking of photo ideas to take inside due to the forecast of a day of rain.  When I woke up to a perfect overcast rain-less sky, I was pumped!

What happens to JC when she has a super fun bride, an awesome laid back groom and an incorrect prediction of a day full of rain???  She does her HAPPY DANCE and screams “WOO-HOO!”

We started the party at Liz’s sisters house where her bridesmaids were getting ready.  Love her nieces pink robe and pink tv.

southbury farm_0001

southbury farm_0003You have to adore a bride who wears cowboy boots on her wedding day!southbury farm_0002southbury farm_0004

I loved the green and blue bridesmaids dresses!

heritage hotel_0003

The ceremony was at Our Lady of the Assumption Church in Fairfield.  I grabbed this moment of Todd waiting in the wings minutes before go time.southbury farm_0006southbury farm_0007

southbury farm_0023

Liz’s sisters walked her down the aisle.southbury farm_0022southbury farm_0009

Love this shot of the super happy couple!

heritage hotel_0002

Liz asked me to scope out a “country / farm” location to take her group pictures somewhere on the way up to the Heritage Hotel.  So a few days prior to the wedding I saw a home with three barns and knew I had found the perfect place.  The owners were so welcoming.  They even had their grandkids come over to watch us in action.  We got a few pictures in before a downpour ended things and sent us running for the bus.  southbury farm_0011southbury farm_0012

southbury farm_0025southbury farm_0016southbury farm_0026

southbury farm_0013We arrived at the Heritage Hotel and waited out the rain.  Once it passed we were blessed with a beautiful soft light which was perfect for a few more shots before the reception.southbury farm_0027southbury farm_0030Liz has the best laugh of any bride I have ever photographed.  Love this sequence capturing it in action.
southbury farm_0031

The reception was beautifully coordinated by Lisa of Creative Concepts by Lisa.  The hanging ball lanterns completely transformed the room.  southbury farm_0034southbury farm_0035southbury farm_0036southbury farm_0033

Liz requested “no slow music after dinner” which made for a wild, fun and rockin’ evening.  Country girl – shake it for me!!southbury farm_0042Love this shot of Liz’s family with her closest family friends.  southbury farm_0045Often my favorite dance shots come in the last few minutes of the night.  Glad I stayed to capture these.  What a wonderful day that I feel honored to have been a part of.  My best to you Liz and Todd!
southbury farm_0044


Auntie - May 29, 2014 - 7:27 pm

These have to be the best wedding photos ever…..you are THE BEST !
And a fun photographer ! !

Lisa Antonecchia - May 26, 2014 - 12:04 pm

Such a great night and Creative Concepts by Liisa Wedding planning and design was Thrilled to be a part!!!! Thank you for the fabulous blog! Look forward to working together again!

Lisa Antonecchia

Robin Dini - May 25, 2014 - 10:14 am

Gorgeous job JC!!

~ bea’s three ~

Here are a few pics from Bea’s Birthday Brunch.

Somewhere in between present 3 and 6, Bea disappeared and Batgirl arrived complete with Bat-Cave and Bat-Phone.

As soon as everyone put on their bathing suits, Bea was back on the scene ready to play with Maggie on the dock.

Maggie made Bea a sign.  It says, “Welcome to Bea’s Birthday Brunch.  3 B’s, Bea’s 3″  Pretty clever kid.

Batgirl just did not want to miss a thing so she came back after cake.  Seems the balloons give her super powers or something cause she just could not get away from them.Love these two little girls with all my heart.  I hope one day you will know into the marrow of your bones how much joy, happiness and love you have brought into my life and how beautifully amazing I think you both are!  

Robin Dini - September 19, 2013 - 10:49 am

Love this! What a sweet little lady!